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U9 Developmental Guidelines                      

Effective Fall 2011
Revised on March 26, 2011



The mission of this program is to provide additional training to those players with the desire and commitment to become better players. This is not to be used to create all-star or select teams and not to provide an atmosphere of superiority or exclusiveness for certain players. NYS will also err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting the overall experience for the majority of the players and not be swayed by any special interests.


1.        Structure: The U-9 Developmental Program is under the direction of the U-9/10 developmental age bracket.


2.        Player participation in recreation program: All Developmental players must meet the mandatory attendance obligation to play and practice with both the Developmental and assigned recreation team.  Players will be excused from recreation team activities when attending NYS Board approved events or due to illness or incapacity to play. 


3.        Developmental practice schedules: The U-9 players play and practice with their assigned recreation team. In addition, the players must attend the Friday night footskills clinic and afterwards meet with the U9 Developmental coach for a half hour practice.


4.        U-9 Developmental coach selection: Position is advertised in the NYS newsletter or newspaper.  Letter submitted by candidates highlighting their coaching experience, qualifications, training, philosophy, etc.  Final selection is determined by the recommendation of the Developmental Committee consisting of the Director of Coaching and Player Development and 3 appointed Board members. The NYS Board of Directors must approve this selection by a majority vote. On a seasonal year basis (August 1st- July 31st) all coaches are required to reapply for the position of head coach for the following seasonal year. If available NYS will provide coach mentoring for this volunteer coach.


5.        Size:. It is recommended that there is one coaching staff member for each 10 players (1:10 coach to player ratio). 


6.        Player selection: All U-9 recreation players are encouraged to participate right from the start of the season.  After the season starts, new players may be added at any time provided the player adheres to items #2 & #3 above.


7.        Player dismissal: Players may be dismissed due to lack of attendance, at developmental or recreational team practices or games, or disciplinary issues. To dismiss a player the Developmental coach must petition the Developmental Committee, who will bring it before the NYS Board of Directors for approval.


8.        Tournaments: No tournaments are allowed for this Age Group.


9.        Friendly games: If approved by the 9/10 Developmental Age Director and the Director of Coaching and Player Development a 1 day Jamboree consisting of other U9 developmental teams from within SCD can be organized near or at the end of the recreation season. This will be opened up to clubs in good standing within SCD at a cost only enough to cover the cost of the certified referees.


10.     Uniforms:  If a Jamboree is approved there will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of a NYS BoD approved shirt. No other uniforms will be permitted.


11.     Playing time: All recreation rules apply to this age group. i.e. each player must play 50%, of the time they are there, for each game unless unable to do so for injury, illness or disciplinary reasons.


12.     Exceptions:  The Developmental Committee and NYS Board of Directors must approve any exceptions to these guidelines.


13.     Registration fees: Standard recreation registration fee applies.